Team consisting of Timm Wagener, Andreas Kaufmann and Audrius Caplikas

Animated short done for 3rd term course at the university of applied sciences in Darmstadt

Tasks: Storyboarding, concepting, prop & character modeling, animation (2-4min) and postprocessing.

„An Animated Short movie in optically likeable Cartoon tradition with a flavour of british / black humour“
It`s about an old, grumpy rabbit with a very bad karma. Despite the fact that he lives in disharmony with nature and all its creatures, Ralf Rabbits single biggest wish is to grow something beautyful in his loveless garden. The fact that nature is flourishing all around him, especially in the garden of his neighbour Babs Bunny, doesn't quite help at all.

The Comic Look we decided upon was a great opportunity to try out handpainted textures and a more stylized/cartoony modeling. Seeing the characters coming to life step by step kept us highly motivated throughout the project. Learned quite a bit about Autodesk Maya and Toxik. Mainly how to animate and basic modeling. Most modeling was done in 3dsmax.

Greenthumb from Audrius Caplikas on Vimeo.

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