Versus - Blind Edge

Team Dystopia (Punyhumangames) Half life 2 Mod Group

Internal Alpha

2008 - Present

Task: Modeling and texturing of fighters who belong to several factions.

Versus: Blind Edge is a multiplayer Source engine mod featuring fierce sword duels in a retro-future universe. The game features an open sword combat system that allows for creative use of combos, counter-attacks, and parries. This combat system encourages players to develop attack patterns and strategies to defeat their opponents, rather than random "knife-fight" melee combat.

Closely worked together with the conceptartist David Boyle and the mods lead artist. Great experience to work with a bunch of talented and dedicated people. Learned to use Zbrush more effectively and the process of normalmap generation, also the benefit of floaters to use on the high res meshes.

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